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50 Series for HOn3 and HOn30 (click to view)

Troubleshooting a Shay (click to view)

Speedometer on Maerklin Stand (click to view)

4 Truck Brass Shay (click to view)

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Product Reviews

Model Train Speedometer (MTS)

Model Railroader – April 2010
Model Railroad News – July 2010
Model Railroad Craftsman – August 2010

See the Industrial Design cover story of the Model Train Speedometer (MTS) in the May 2010 issue of DPN (Design Product News)

Click on this link to view the PDF.

50 Series Saddles

Model Railroad Craftsman – August 2010

40 Series Saddles

Continental Modeller – July 2004, page 438
Railway Modeller – July 2004, page 422


Bachrus Inc has joined forces with Sprog-DCC of the UK, makers of the SPROG II DCC programmer) to produce a companion to the Model Train Speedometer…the MTS-DCC.

The output from the Reader will now go directly to a computer and with JMRI software and your existing DCC programming system, tuning the speed profile of DCC locomotives for prototypical running will be made that much easier.

Customer Feedback: 50 Series for HOn3 and HOn30

The 50 Series Saddles and Stirrups will gauge down to HOn30 and HOn3 track.

The constraining factor is the axle spacing. In order for The Saddles to fit under all the powered axles, the (centre-to-centre) axle spacing must be at least 13.5mm (.531 inches).

The accompanying pictures show a successful set up for two HOn3 … K36 [#484] andK37 [#497] … locomotives.

Although we are very encouraged with the results, actual results may vary due to the various model types and manufacturers currently on the market. This same word of caution would also apply to the Model Train Speedometer.

There is no issue with the 50 Series Stirrups.

Setup of two HOn3 locomotives

Our thanks to Roland Levin of Stockholm, Sweden for his generosity in taking and sharing his pictures.

Customer Feedback: Troubleshooting a Shay

Here is a novel idea for tracking down binds on a locomotive. Use separate small sections of track in an arrangement that would replicate a very tight track radius. If you can get it to work with this arrangement, it should work through any curves you would have on the layout. Although the pictures shown are for a Shay, this should work for any locomotive.

Troubleshooting a Shay

Our thanks to George Saridakis, USA for his generosity in taking and sharing his tip and pictures.

Customer Feedback: The Speedometer on a Maerklin Stand

These pictures show the Reader of our Model Train Speedometer sitting quite happily on a modified Maerklin running stand.

If you would like details on this modification please contact Paul at the following address:

The Speedometer on a Maerklin Stand
The Speedometer on a Maerklin Stand The Speedometer on a Maerklin Stand

Our thanks to Paul Hallmann of the USA for his generosity in taking and sharing his pictures.

Customer Feedback: 4-truck Brass Shay

Some of the older brass Shays had a clearance issue with the truck side frame. It would create a short circuit negotiating a turnout. This also held true for the running stands.

Problem now solved….at least for the running stand.
What you see here is an HO-scale 4-truck Shay successfully running on a set of our ‘modified’ 40 Series.

4-truck Brass Shay 4-truck Brass Shay

I would like to thank Dave Wheeler, USA for his technical input and generosity for sharing his pictures and movie.